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Greg helps changemakers decarbonize our future - blending
inspiration, education, communication skills empowerment and advocacy.
In addition to full-fledged training, Greg is available for speaking engagements.


Sat - Aug 1

Sun- Aug 2

Wed - Aug 12

Sat - Aug 19

M-T-W - Sep 28-30

SLR Symposium
West Palm Beach

Cleaup Dive followed by free beer from Wynwood Brewery! IF you BYOC! (details)

Gala Verde - USGBC South Florida's annual Awards Gala and fundraiser

Al Gore & Climate Leadership Training in Miami! Appy Now


About Greg Hamra

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Creator of LEED for ALL

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Course offerings

Principles of Sustainability & Green Building: LEED for ALL a non-technical, visually-engaging course on the principles of sustainability and green building, without the rigor of an exam prep class.
Communicating Corporate Sustainability Principles Making the business case to effect change at the corporate level
Speaking & Presentation Skills Use your body, voice to effectively advocate for your position. Learn how to engage your audience and avoid "Death by PowerPoint!"
Climate Reality Check for Corporates Become conversant with climate impacts and the actions being taken in the business world.
How Greed and Capitalism can Solve the Climate Crisis
(The conservative case for a carbon tax)
Understand what "a price on carbon" means including internal carbon pricing by corporattions, and fiscal benefits of municipal carbon pricing.
CSR Principles for Academia Suffering from academic malpractice? (Your students might be.) Fill in the gaps and connect the dots re: corporate sustainability strategies today.
Vendor Effectiveness Workshop Represent your company's 'green' products and services with credibility
Intro to LEED, Climate Literacy 101, GHG basics, Sea-Level Rise and Climate Literacy, CSR reporting frameworks, Design for Active Occupants, Biophilic Design, Green Building: Vendor Effectiveness Workshop, Earthman, Recycling 301: Getting it Right!
Let's tailor a talk for your professional group, classroom, corporate boardroom or factory floor for your management, leadership, thinkers and doers.

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