Climate Solutionist: Education, Advocacy, Adaptation
Helping academic, government, and business leaders drive the low-carbon economy and adapt to a changing world.


Greg is a regular speaker, panelist and educator in the South Florida community on the topics of
climate literacy, sea level rise, green building, corporate sustainability, climate policy



Is there a solution to address the climate crisis... to significantly reduce emissions in a way that does not kill the economy???

Yes: Thought-leaders worldwide including major corporations, economists and scientists, all know the most economically effective way to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to come into compliance with the UN Paris accord, and to reduce GHGs in a way that protects the economy is to price carbon. Over 1000 companies are doing this already, internally. They're preparing for economy-wide carbon pricing. Oil companies are even asking for it. Why? A revenue-neutral carbon tax is considered the Holy Grail of Climate Action.

Add'l workshop offerings:

LEED for All: Principles of Sustainability & Green Building a non-technical, visually-engaging two-day course on the principles of corporate sustainability and green building, including climate literacy, the Language of LEED and much more, without the rigor of an exam prep class.
LEED for All: Language of LEED this abbreviated session will leave participants conversant in the language of LEED to communicate with credibility and knowledge.
LEED for All: exam-prep ramp-up a deeper, credit-by-credit overview of LEED rating systems for anyone considering embarking on the path of exam preparation.
Communicating Corporate Sustainability Principles Making the business case to effect change at the corporate level.
Speaking & Presentation Skills Use your voice, body, and mind to effectively advocate for your position. Learn how to engage your audience and avoid Death by PowerPoint.
Climate Literacy for Business Professionals Understand the most common GHG (greenhouse gas) measurement and reporting frameworks, and the challenges and opportunities related to the acquisition, measurement, and publishing of GHG metrics. Understand the reasons why companies elect to implement internal carbon pricing.
Climate Reality Check for Corporates Become conversant with climate impacts and the actions being taken in the business world related to risk mitigation. Workshop addresses potential legal implications of ignoring feduciary responsibilities related to climate risks.
The Econmic Solution to address the Climate Crisis
(The conservative case for a carbon tax)
Understand what "a price on carbon" means including internal carbon pricing by corporations, and fiscal benefits of municipal carbon pricing.
CSR Principles for Academia Suffering from academic malpractice? (Your students might be.) Fill in the gaps and connect the dots re: corporate sustainability strategies today.
Vendor Effectiveness Workshop for green building professionals Represent your company's 'green' products and services with credibility
Intro to LEED, Climate Literacy 101, GHG accounting basics, Sea-Level Rise and Climate Literacy, CSR, ESG reporting frameworks, Design for Active Occupants, Biophilic Design, Green Building: Vendor Effectiveness Workshop..
Custom tailor a workshop for your organization's leadership team, board of directors, professional group, or classroom.

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