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I am honored to be recognized by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce as the winner of the 2011 Green Visionary award. Previous years' winners include Miami Mayor, Manny Diaz and former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Katy Sorenson. Friends, Gus Casamayor (also a nominee) and Michael Tschupp suggested I "apply" for this year's Sustainable South Florida Awards. In turn, I asked each of them to write me a letter of support, so they did. They spoke with my wife who submitted a nomination on my behalf. In all, I received three separate nominations from: Oliver Pfeffer, Michael Tschupp, and Leisha John. Two of my LEED students, Michael Tschupp and Maggie Fernandez, supported my nomination. They too were also winners this day. This Everblue's blog post explains.

Photos & video:


Greg with fellow Finalists Michael Góngora, and Ralph Avallone. Learn more about them below. (click to enlarge images) Winners: Ken Naylor: Carlisle Development, Rosanna Bender: The Palms Hotel & Spa, Greg Hamra:, Maggie Fernandez: Miami-Dade County Office of Sustainability, Colby Reese: DecoBike
Photos Courtesy of Roberto Valladares


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