Greg's vision of sustainability began taking shape early in life. Born and raised in Miami, he witnessed the beginnings of the modern environmental movement and was keenly aware of the changes afoot in nature and society. His mother was a member of D.O.E. Defenders Of the Everglades, a group dedicated to addressing flooding that was killing Everglades deer. Greg's world view was further shaped by living in South India. Living abroad, he quickly focused his lens on various cultures' relationships with, and concern (or disregard) for the environment.

In 2008 he repatriated to the USA intent on joining the 'green-collar' economy. That year, Greg attended a LEED AP exam prep course in an attempt to earn the most recognized professional credential in the world of sustainability. Here he met the founders of a brand new, veteran-owned company called "Everblue," (their story on NPR) a purpose-led educational startup devoted to reducing America's energy dependence through green jobs education. Upon learning of Mr. Hamra's prior skill set, 20 year's experience providing professional development (including presentation skills training), his love for education, and a dogged passion for conservation, they offered Mr. Hamra a job. Greg's life quickly changed, again. Fast-forward six years and Everblue has become a leading provider of education in the wind, solar, weatherization, energy auditing, LEED and corporate sustainability training fields. Greg led classes in Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Latin-America/Caribbean and throughout North America, including Canada. As Everblue's Senior Educator, he regularly trains new instructors during insentive, three-day train-the-trainer workshops.

With the knowledge that our built environment is responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions, Greg continues to advocate for greener buildings, stricter building codes, better materials, and continuing education. Greg's advocacy gene was recently tapped by Citizens' Climate Lobby where he was recently appointed to lead the brand new the Miami Chapter (photo). Greg's activities with CCL is the most signifcant work he has ever done.

A highly respected and dynamic speaker, Greg's engaging demeanor and infectious enthusiasm inspires his students and audience members to become change makers and evangelists for the environment