Is “LEED” is the biggest brand in the world of sustainability?

I've heard this said and I have to agree.

In certain circles, and often at 'green' trade shows and expos, the term, “LEED certified” is so prevalent that it is often used as a proxy for ‘green,' and often attributed (wrongly) to products, processes, or even companies, purported to be “ LEED certified .”  We hear people say they (themselves) are LEED certified. We hear vendors say their products are LEED certified. We hear people incorectly say their companies are LEED certified.

But here's the best example of all.

True story:

My wife attended a wine appreciation class last year and asked the teacher: “Will we learn about organic or biodynamic wines?” 

The teacher's reply was classic: “Sorry, there are no LEED certified wines in this class!”

Was this ignorance or sarcam? It really makes no difference.
He just proved my point.