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A Convenient Truth: Carbon Pricing is a climate solution where all sides can win

The consensus is in. Experts (including conservative economists*) agree:

The answer: a revenue-neutral carbon fee & dividend

The call for Carbon Dividends is coming from nearly all directions, including major corps, Republican icons, even oil majors.

Learn about the conservative-friendly Carbon Dividends plan now.

The World Bank Carbon Pricing Dashboard

WHERE in the world is carbon pricing happening?

Why Swarthmore College Endorses a Carbon Price (CCL's Higher Education Action Team)

5 conservatives arguing for a price on carbon.

Download a list of leaders who endorse bold climate action and pricing carbon, including national security leaders, energy companies, business associations, conservative thought leaders, newspapers, municipalities and healthcare leaders.

A revenue-neutral price on carbon emissions is considered the Holy Grail of climate action by most thought leaders, including many leading companies.
Click here to view a list of Nations, States, Cities, Businesses and Investors who support carbon pricing.
(PDF document)

"Seventy-four countries, 23 subnational jurisdictions, and more than 1,000 companies and investors expressed support for a price on carbon ahead of the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit."


Prominent economists embrace pricing carbon as THE solution to decrease GHG emissions:


Robert Rubin (Co-Chairman; Council on Foreign Relations, Former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury) says: "Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today. To avoid catastrophe, we must dramatically reduce the carbon intensity of our modern energy systems, which have set us on a collision course with our planetary boundaries." (Also endorses pricing carbon)

More statements from conservatives

Niskanen Center's compilation of endorsements.

ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson's endorsement

One Minute: Carbon Tax* explained:

Carbon tax: A cheap, proven fix to climate change

*You might call it a 'tax' but... George Shultz says:

Fee & Dividend model explained
by Billy Nye, George Shultz, Robert Reich

The Fee and Dividend plan is considered by many thought-leaders on both sides of the political aisle as the most effective solution to reducing greenhouse gasses. A fee + dividend plan is consistent with conservative economic principles. F&D has the endorsement of leading economists, top scientists, and leading economic policy analysts, including Republican icon, Secretary George Shultz, President Reagan's Treasury Secretary, Secretary of Labor, and Secretary of State. The Shultz-Becker Carbon Tax proposal is explained in this WSJ article.

Robert Reich explains Fee and Dividend in 2½ minutes.

REMI Report's General Findings (PDF).
Regional Economic Models, Inc.
is a leading economic modeling company with sector clients including energy, universities, municipalities and more.


The take-home from this study is that Carbon Fee & Dividend grows the economy in terms of jobs and GDP, while at the same time also reducing the country’s emissions and improving citizens’ health.


EPA Clean Power Plan vs. COP21 Paris Accord vs. "Carbon Fee Rebate" (Shultz-Becker plan)

We have three choices:



The libertarian argument for a carbon tax

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 29, 2016

Some prefer a "tax swap" which reduces income taxes

British Columbia has been doing this since 2008 with GREAT success.

The revenue-neutral carbon tax could be a workable policy framework for countries around the world – and be the policy most likely to preserve the ability of every sector of society to seek new efficiencies and technologies. The province of British Columbia in Canada has instituted a carbon tax that offers policymakers a model of what such a system might entail."

Former Congressman Bob Inglis, founder of:

Bob Inglis visits Miami for screening of "Merchants of Doubt" with
John Englander, Coral Gables Jim Cason, and Miami group.

Whatever the plan, pricing carbon is the conservative choice, and the corporate world is on board with carbon taxes, already baking them into their internal accounting:

Exxon Mobil endorses a revenue-neutral carbon tax. ExxonMobil: "Our analysis shows that a revenue-neutral carbon tax would be the most effective approach." from ExxonMobil, Paris, and carbon policy | ExxonMobil's Perspectives Blog

In just 5 minutes, ExxonMobil CEO, Rex Tillerson explains the benefits of a transparent, predictable "refundable GHG emissions fee." (read it here)

Jerry Taylor, President

Taylor was a Sr. Fellow at CATO Institute.

After 23 years, Taylor left the CATO Institute amid excessive Koch Brothers influence and formed the Niskanen Center, a libertarian think-tank focusing a few very important areas, including climate change. "The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax" (PDF) is a provocative piece of thought-leadership re: the most popularly held, market-based alternative to inefficient and expensive regulations. (Most thought-leaders agree.)


The Conservative Case for Acting on Climate: Why Putting a Price on Carbon Matters
A Conversation with Jerry Taylor | Carsey School of Public Policy