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Communicating Corporate Sustainability and Green Building ('LEED for ALL')

What: A one-day, interactive workshop (Class photo)
When: 25th February, 9:30-5:30pm
Where: Paharpur Business Center, 21 Nehru Place Greens - (Walking path from Nehru Place Metro station / Official PBC directions)
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"Without the tools to communicate properly, many of the greatest thoughts remain trapped in your head."

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and over, and expecting a different result.

"The status quo has proven its dysfunction." - Rick Fedrizzi, US Green Building Council


A message to fellow Climate Leaders:

Your role in MY carbon footprint:
Just like you, I've traveled to Delhi to attend the Climate Reality Project's Leadership training session. Unlike most of you, I came from the other side of the planet! Let's face it: This is a carbon-intensive trip. Like Mr. Gore, my biggest hope is that the good I do will exceed the bad. If carbon and other ecological impacts will be REDUCED in amounts greater than the footprint I am responsible for creating, then my travel was justified. (We should all think this way.)

This is a reason I've decided to help YOU do the excellent work you're doing, BETTER. My trip will be "worth it" ONLY IF as a result, I'm able to diminish more carbon than the CO2 emitted by making this trip. YOU can help me achieve this goal if the learnings you gained in class help fuel your mission as a Climate Leader to become more effective at transforming others' behavior, changing policies, and perhaps making some personal changes in your own lifestyles to lead by example. The challenge for us all is to move that needle, significantly. This is why I am here. Please...


Enrollment instructions



It's true we must continue grooming scientifically astute contributors who will help society innovate, adapt and survive in an increasingly resource-constrained, hot, flat and crowded world. But such innovations, whether technological, economic, social or otherwise will go nowhere without the skills for the ideas to be EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATED.

If we're going to collectively turn this ship on the biggest issue of our time, we need a different formula. When it comes to effectively dealing with human caused global warming, what we've been doing has not been working, not nearly enough anyway. If we cannot effectively change hearts, minds and policy on a much larger scale, the dysfunctional status quo persists.

Messaging and advocacy are without a doubt the missing links in this existential battle. It is crucial to our success. We do not lack scientific data. We lack effective messengers who will drive the social and political will for a livable world! You need skills and you need an effective place to use them! Consider CCL.



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Why is there a charge?

This class was originally planned for the commercial market including architects, engineers and other gainfully employed professionals. This session (normally priced at $300 in US) was priced at $99 for the India market. Upon realizing so many people from the Climate Reality community were interested, I wanted to offer it for free to my fellow Climate Leaders. "If Al Gore can do it for free, then why can't I!?"

Here's why:

This is a non-profit event.
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